A nice stroll through Lahti

All over the world, Lahti is known as a skiing metropolis, where the World Ski Championships have been held a total of 7 times.

But, the city is so much more – did you know that it played an important role in the development of southern Finland, and that today it has many memorials both from the world wars and from the time when Finland was under Russia?

VoiceMap tour with walking through this exciting city is ready during August 2023.

New project – Through the city of Trondheim

When you get ashore in Brattøra, from the Hurtigruten or cruise ship, or you are there for some other reason – I am sure you would like to know more about the history of Trondheim.

The tour starts in the area of Pierbadet/Brattøra, and takes you through the city centre, passing the main square, the cathedral and up to the city fortress at Kristiansten.

The tour will take about one hour – but, hopefully you will spend more time along the trail..

The tour will be published by the end of August 2023.

New project – Oslo Waterfront

In May 2023 is my 4th tour in Oslo ready to be published. In this tour you can walk from Akershus castle along the waterfront, passing the city hall, Aker Brygge shopping center, Tjuvholmen and Filipstad before you end up at Kongen Marina.

The tour will take about 60 minutes.

New project – Bodø

The city of Bodø is one of the largest cities in Northern Norway, and it is a city with a rich history – sea, aviation, wind and weather has formed this city…and some spies…

Bodø – from the molo

The tour are now being planned, and script is about to be written. Starting point will be in «Tønder Bay», in the hotel area, and the tour will bring you through the city – seaside, through a shopping centre that earlier was a main street, passing the city hall and the church, and ending up by the old railway station.

Looking forward to publish the tour in november 2022.

New project – Classic Oslo

By the moment, the script for a new tour, «Classic Oslo – a walk to Akershus Castle and Fortress», is being produced.

This tour will be a walk through the historic parts of Oslo, from the central station, passing the Opera, along the docks and Vippetangen, and then through Grev Wedel park, until we reach Akershus, and walks up to the castle.

Akershus Castle and Fortress at night

I certainly think this will be a great add to the other VoiceMap tours in Oslo.

Looking forward to publish the tour in september 2022.